January 13th, 2018


[team two] skip

I started with a new job this year and it's supposed to be chill and easy (compared to my previous work), but it still gets busy af and posting has completely slipped my mind. I don't want to delay the team anymore than I already have, I'm so sorry. /____\

It's your turn now, thesecretdoor.
kirishima study mode

[Team 3] Perfect Fit

Ever since summer I've been threatening to write something about Uraraka's curvy figure and being taken shopping by Mina and Toru to places that actually sell clothes that fit people instead of the twiggy pencil straight stuff that nearly all of trendy Japanese fashion is about. I love her original manga size/design sooo much. Also I get the sense this is the first time she's had decent girl friends.

but real talk, when I went to a physical Torrid location for the first time last year and every single thing I tried on looked good on me, and I had to actually choose between possible things, I was floored. Clothes cut for plus-sized ladies?? What magic??? I was like, is this how S-sized girls feel at the gap all the time?!

So yeah, pear-shaped plus-sized Uraraka in every universe.

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Up next is treelines!
Cute sweater!

[Team One] Better Than Expected

ToT I’m so sorry I’m late, I miscalculated the time that I had to post.

Summary: Everything goes just as wonderfully as planned, and then some.
Warning(s): girl!Minhyuk, gender changes, polyamory, crossdressing, voyeurism, /slight/ exhibitionism, hair pulling, piercings, praise kink, mentions of toys
Author’s Note: This is a continuation of It Gets Better, but while you don’t have to read that one to understand this one (since this is just pwp lol), it would give a tiiiiiny bit of background ^^

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You're up wolfodder!! ^^