December 30th, 2016

Yamachii: cuddles

[team two] Christmas Eve

Sorry for being away the past week, and sorry that I'm going MIA for another four days! I'll be in Tokyo for JUMP's New Year's concerts and Johnny's Countdown this weekend, so I won't be around, but if you need me, I'll be checking my email sporadically ^^;

This is just a short bit of fluff because thesecretdoor inspired me, and because I often write Yamada and Chinen for Christmas. I hope the boys aren't too exhausted from their concert preparations!

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Your turn, aleena_mokoia!
Otabek's hamster

[Team 7] Come When Invited

I guess this makes the most sense if you understand this happens almost immediately after the end of Two Make a Pair, where Yuri and Otabek say they're quitting singles so that they can do pairs. As much as anything makes sense when i spent 2 days researching Kazakh weddings customs, which are complicated and amazing, and and then wrote nearly 5k about them. this page had a great description from a guest, and then also this one. I'm sure a lot of people modernly don't do all this stuff, but I liked the idea that Otabek would go completely over the top because a) tradition and b) this is not an Olympic shotgun wedding no matter who claims it is. I really hope all this wedding stuff is all right.

In real life the 2022 Olympics almost were in Almaty, they lost by 4 votes, so I switched it back for the purpose of this fic because I did. Also I learned that the surname Altin means gold, because of course it does.

Also, some thanks are due to Spaceman2823 on Ao3 who very graciously taught me a bunch of stuff about Kazakh pet names and diminutives. Aynalayin means beloved, bakytym means happiness, altynym means sweetheart, and botam still means camel. I left the Russian ones in English since that's what I think they're probably speaking to each other in the first place. I'm never sure if what I'm doing with these is confusing or not but eh.

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next up is kira_shadow! Sorry about those ending words pfft.