December 29th, 2016

buchou love

Hashtag Slow Team Problems

Hey, Team 4, what's up? You guys seem to be stuck and yunsias's turn is for sure over. I emailed Ansa but haven't heard back (still the broken phone, I assume). I'm officially skipping to 93rdfragment's turn. Can you please comment here or hit me up on twitter so I'm sure you know about this? Or can somebody who knows them poke them?

Or if you guys have been sort of passing this around without posting skips, somebody can definitely let me know that too. Honestly with Ansa out of commission, I don't have any way to check in with any of you guys.

The last words posted for your team are from here although to be really for real, that was november, so if you would like to just start with whatever, 93rdfragment, I straight up give you mod permission to start with whatever you want.

(`へ′)ゝ otherwise, carry on the good work, teams!