December 8th, 2016


[Team 3] Took it Too Far

Hey there, team 3! Good to have you all back again! For the sake of completeness, here's our posting order this time around:


You guys are old pros, but if you have any problems, let me know!

So in Wink up Miyadate told a story about how Nabesho and Kame pranked him telling him they were at the onsen together when really they had just bumped into each other backstage after watching the same show, but then they told him to come meet them at the theater. Mean! I'm sure Date forgave them though XD

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Next up is alchemicink!
buchou love

[mod post] check in

Hey, Teams 1 and 2, it's Thursday and I still haven't seen you guys. cairistiona and faded_lace, can you please check in with me here or on Twitter about starting off your team/if you need to skip/what's up? Thank you! (or if anybody on those teams can easily reach you, feel free to check in for them if you know what's up.)

Team 4 you aren't on the map either, but as a slow team bluedreaming still has one more day.

Everybody else, keep up the good work! I've fixed a couple first-time people's tagging issue, but if I missed you please let me know so I can fix you too!

eta: i keep having to edit this post because I typed the stupidest possible thing not once but three separate times Orz