December 5th, 2016

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[Mod Post] Daijoubu Ready Go - New Round Start

We didn't forget about you! bluedreaming has a broken phone, but I got the all-clear from her over email, so I'm going to go ahead and start the new round. A fond farewell to anyone leaving us, and a big hello to some new people as well! We are currently at 41 shiritoriers, which seems kind of amazing to me.

two small changes this round: Teams 4 and 5 are now both slow teams, and also we've had to add a Team 7, which I'll be captaining along with 3 since we are officially out of captains, lol. Ideally after a while I can put someone else in charge! But Kira has graciously offered to start Team 7 this time so I don't have to start two at once.

Team Captains cairistiona, faded_lace, bluedreaming, onyu, and jojibear you are welcome to start your groups off with the words of your choosing, and either orangegreenlove or anyone else doing Sonic is welcome to start up that as well.

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If you are brand new, your author tag won't work the first time, so tag me instead (love ranger: mousapelli) and I will fix it manually. After the first fix, it seems to work fine afterwards. Don't forget to tag your post with which team, your username, and what fandom, and to lj-tag the next user on your team in the text of your post. I'll be fixing the sidebar to reflect the new lineups shortly if you aren't sure who comes after you. Also please let your team leader know how they should poke you so you know it's your turn!

In case anybody needs a refresher, here are the Shiritori Guidelines, and the Sonic rules specifically.

I think that's it! Questions, comments, or problems are welcome to comment here or contact me directly (mousapelli on twitter, gmail, etc). Newcomers are also welcome to introduce themselves here or put down contact info if you don't know your team leader/mates already. Happy writing to all!

[Team Seven] And we meet again

Mousi-senpai gave me the task of starting Team Seven, so here we go.

Was thinking about writing something for Touken Ranbu (Hanamaru) first but then I re-read my last shiritori submission and this happened. And since people seemed to enjoy it, I rolled with it.

This is a continuation of the last shiritori fic I wrote.

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And it's your turn prillalar :D