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tangled words
28 September 2016 @ 01:41 am
sukai domestric drabble that was supposed to be fluffy but ended up sort of smutty?

93rdfragment, it's your turn!

sukai, r, 612wCollapse )
ミランダ (大丈夫)
28 September 2016 @ 10:44 am
aleena_mokoia is skipping this round, so listea, you're up! Your last words are here!

Also, I want to take the chance to repeat that I'm sorry that I don't use twitter and can't remind team members of their turn there, but if anyone wants me to let them know when it's their turn through another method, please don't hesitate to ask!
28 September 2016 @ 11:39 pm
Finally finished it! I didn't have time to proofread though, so beware of accidental tense changes probably. I'll fix it before I post the entire fic on ao3. Anyway, here's part one and part two. The conclusion is silly. I'm sorry.

Keito/Chinen, almost 1500 words, g-rated ofc bc when is it ever notCollapse )

Time for kira_shadow!