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14 September 2016 @ 02:00 am
In which I write angsty childhood friends not turning into lovers because of missed opportunities and unspoken words and a bunch of lies. (Lost my happy ends, if found please return them to me, I miss them ;___; )

SuKai, 3254 words, pgCollapse )

Next is serratedpearls
14 September 2016 @ 08:16 am
sigh i hate to skip two times in a row but... life u_u;

you're up, troubleseason! starting words are here.
14 September 2016 @ 03:23 pm
lmao will I ever properly title anything in this community?  probably not, since titling is the bane of my existence.  Anyway, I don't really know what kind of writing I do anymore, but it's basically 233 words of minimally-edited original/not fandom-related stream of consciousness.

233 words | original fictionCollapse )

You're up cairistiona :)