June 29th, 2016


[Team Six] 風の街へ

Hey ho, Team Six! This is your team captain checking in~

(Wow, I wander away from this writing game for, like, over half a year and we expand to a sixth team o_o)

I'm looking at my team list, and I recognise a few names but not all, so if everyone could touch base in the comments below (you're not obligated to read what I've written XD), I would really appreciate it ♥ I'd like to know how I can poke you when needed - that's the first and foremost - but we can also discuss other things in the comments too if you'd like~ (Like, musicals, for example? Les Miserables, anyone?)

The team is as followed:
jojibear ♔

None of you are, by the looks of it, beginners at the game; I guess we all have a hang of the drill now, so I'll avoid boring y'all by going over stuff we all already know XD Hopefully, Frank the Goat will be obliging and contact people when they're tagged via e-mail, but if you're more inclined to using Twitter, I can be found at the handle _jojibear, and I can act as reminder there also~ But I either tweet a lot of drivel or I tweet nothing at all, so please follow at your own discretion u_u (You have been warned)

Other than that, I have very little else to say, so happy Shiritori-ing~!

I have been listening to too much Kalafina and FictionJunction again ;;

The following 176 words were inspired by the mood painted by FictionJunction's Kaze no Machi e, so please listen to this beautiful performance of the song while you read~

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I CHOOSE YOU, springmaid!
Hyoyeon; I'm genie for your wish

[TEAM ONE] Welcome and Intro

Weeeelcome my lovely and reorganised Team One! This is your Captain speaking~~!

We have some new faces so I'd like to welcome oneforyourfire and carpesoo to the game, and eoryndal to the team. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask~. You can PM me here, or you can find me very easily on Twitter.

Our order is:


If you have any particular preferences for how to be contacted to let you know when it's your turn (if Frank the Goat eats your notification email, which he very may well do), please leave them in the comments and I will do so. Otherwise I'm mostly comfortable on Twitter, so it's most natural for me to poke people there (and I will ;)).

Otherwise, please have fun!


This is the setup for a fic that will never be written. But it's a fun setup, I suppose.

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Hihi softboys~