June 26th, 2016

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[mod post] the start of a glorious new round 🌟 (a.k.a. new line up!)


Hello everyone! Thank you for an excellent round, a fond farewell to those who are bowing out of this upcoming round, excited flapping at past shiritori-ers who are back again after a hiatus, and welcome to oneforyourfire and carpesoo who are joining us! I've already added your user tags (love ranger: oneforyourfire and love ranger: carpesoo). Please note that the first time you post, lj won't let you use your tag so just tag mousapelli or myself and we'll add it.

If you haven't yet, please do consult the shiritori guidelines, and if you have any questions, please tap your team captain or one of us.

Team captains cairistiona, faded_lace, mousapelli, bluedreaming, troubleseason and jojibear, you may start your teams off! Contact information for new members should be available on the latest sign up post (in the comments) and let one of us know if you have any difficulties.

[new team lists]

Team four (led by myself) is the honorary "slow" team, with the writing period being five days instead of the standard three. Please note that this applies only to team four; all other teams as well as team sonic are keeping the three day standard!

With the announcement of a new round and line up, team sonic special is now officially closed, and either orangegreenlove or any current sonic members are welcome to begin the new sonic round.

Again, let us know if there are any difficulties and the sidebar will also be updated for reference! Happy writing!

-Team AM

Update: Explanations for Team Sonic and Team Sonic Special have been added to the official rules post for easy reference and clarification.