May 22nd, 2016

[Team Sonic] At Night

Sorry! This is kind of late since I just joined.

[subaek, r, 1031 words]He likes it this way best, when all the other members have gone to bed and the dorm is quiet except for the soft snores that drift from the bedrooms. The hallway is dark and Baekhyun almost trips over a stray shoe left carelessly in the doorway, but the light of their shared living room glows softly from the half open crack of the door, illuminating the floorboards beneath his feet. Inside, Joonmyun is still awake, just like he is every night Baekhyun sneaks out to meet him, perched on the couch and illuminated by the faint light of his cellphone as he stares intently at the screen. His fingers tap at the screen quickly and Baekhyun has to stifle a laugh as Joonmyun’s face scrunches into a small frown.

“Is that tomorrow’s schedule?” He asks. The sudden sound makes Joonmyun jump, fumbling with his phone, and Baekhyun covers his mouth to hid his grin. He shuts the door quietly behind him and pads over to sit on the couch and rest his chin on Joonmyun’s shoulder to look at the screen with him. Joonmyun still smells faintly like the cologne he uses when on stage and Baekhyun breathes it in, relaxed and content.

“You should be asleep. We’ll have to up early tomorrow morning,” Joonmyun says, tone mildly disapproving, but he continues typing on his phone. Baekhyun just groans, fingers twisting in the hem of Joonmyun’s shirt.

“Can’t they change the photoshoot to a different time?” Baekhyun slips his fingers under Joonmyun’s shirt to feel the hard muscle underneath with a sigh and he swears he can see the corner of Joonmyun’s mouth quirk up. He leans closer into Joonmyun’s shoulder. “I swear Kyungsoo is gonna murder someone if we have to leave at 5 in the morning again. He almost killed me this morning when I asked him whether or not he had a coffee addiction.”

The past couple of days had been exhausting, filled with endless cycles of rushed promotions and scant hours of sleep in between the bone-crushing exhaustion. But then, when Baekhyun had stood upon the stage that night, as Joonmyun had stripped off his shirt to the screams of the overly delighted audience, he knew it had been worth it. Definitely worth it, he thinks again, exploring every ridged muscle beneath his fingers and feeling the heat rise in his cheeks. His fingers rub patterns into Joonmyun’s skin dreamily.

However, Joonmyun’s eyes never leave the screen of his phone and he continues typing, seemingly indifferent to Baekhyun’s wandering fingers. It’s almost infuriating how unmovable he is -- something that was no doubt, achieved through years of exercise in patience and control, Baekhyun thinks. “We’ve already pushed this schedule off once and I don’t think we can do it again. But we’ll have the rest of the afternoon off.”

“Yeah. Okay,” Baekhyun says distractedly, now tracing circles into the jut of Joonmyun’s hipbone and wriggling into a more comfortable position so that his head is in Joonmyun’s lap. “When are you going to sleep though, hyung?” He tugs at Joonmyun’s shirt again and looks up towards the dark ceiling above, stifling a yawn and stretching his arms upwards, temporarily blocking Joonmyun’s vision. Undaunted, Joonmyun reaches up and bats away his arms, though he partially caves and reaches down to caress the curve of Baekhyun’s cheek. Baekhyun arches into his warm touch with a soft sigh and tries to pull Joonmyun down to him.

“I’ll probably be up for another half hour or so,” Joonmyun replies, hand threading into Baekhyun’s hair and toying with the strands idly.

“Come to bed with me. You’ve been working on this for the past few hours already and I’m bored of waiting for you to finish.”

Joonmyun exhales slowly. “Just give me a littIe more time, I need to make sure everything goes right tomorrow.”

Baekhyun rolls over and sits up on his heels, knees sinking into the couch cushions beneath him. “It’ll be fine. Stop worrying. We’ve got our managers to figure things out if anything goes wrong.” He straddles Joonmyun’s lap impatiently and snakes his arms around Joonmyun’s neck to lean in close. They are so close that Baekhyun can feel Joonmyun’s warmth radiating off of him and his pulse fluttering in his chest. It’s been too long since he got to spend time alone with Joonmyun.

“More importantly, did you know how good you looked out on stage tonight?” He breathes into Joonmyun’s ear as Joonmyun tenses under him. “I wanted to bend you over as soon as we stepped offstage. Would you have liked that? Being fucked a hundred feet away from your screaming fans?” His voice is airy with want as the words twist from his mouth and he feels a satisfied thrill running through him as Joonmyun shudders, hands flexing to grip at Baekhyun’s hips. The phone drops to the ground with a soft thud.

Joonmyun stares at him with dark eyes, arms slung around his waist to press him close and Baekhyun grinds downwards with a soft moan. “Kiss me, hyung,” he demands, hands falling down to grip at Joonmyun’s shoulders.

He’s jolted with surprise when Joonmyun disentangles himself from Baekhyun’s arms and instead presses Baekhyun back into the couch behind him. And when Baekhyun looks up at Joonmyun, framed by the darkness of the room and slightly glowing from the light of the phone reflected off his face, he smiles cheekily.

He’s opens his mouth to say something when Joonmyun’s hand claps over his mouth to stop him. “You talk too much,” he counters, voice slightly hoarse and eyes smiling. Baekhyun wants to retort, but Joonmyun removes his hand and instead leans down to slant his lips across Baekhyun’s so that any protest Baekhyun would have made dies in his throat. His lips are warm and Baekhyun cants his hips up, desperately seeking friction, leg hooking over Joonmyun to pull him closer.

When they break away, Baekhyun pauses, tongue swiping over his lips uncertainly. “One more thing though,” he says carefully, “Just know, you don’t have to do everything alone.” He hesitates and reaches up to touch Joonmyun’s face earnestly. “We got your back.”