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16 May 2016 @ 12:13 am
a bit late sorry ;w;

this is kinda pointless but part of an au so oh well ^^

luhan/sehun, 600w, RCollapse )

good luck, laughingvirus
16 May 2016 @ 09:58 am
Hi all Team One members~!

Welcome 93rdfragment, I hope you have fun~. :)

When you post for the first time (which will be after wolfodder when she goes next), 93rdfragment, your "love ranger: 93rdfragment" tag won't work, so if you were to poke/prod/message mousapelli or bluedreaming kindly they'll fix it up for you and, as we can all attest to it, it'll work every time after. If you need to skip, you can post a skip message to the comm, or you can message me/tweet me (my twitter is in the initial teams post for this year) if you can't get online to post it.

Our new order, which has changed somewhat in the past month, is:

I'm writing next, so we've hit the start of our new rotation, so there will be time for you to learn the ropes. ^^

Have fun, and happy writing all~!

- Cass

Please remember you can always message/tweet me if you have any issues or things you want to talk about--that goes for all of you! ♥