April 16th, 2016

Junghwa; I'm good good good without u

[Team One] Hello and Welcome

Hi all Team Oners~!

Welcome welcome amlika, I hope you enjoy it!

I just wanted to say I've been having a lot of fun and I think that the team's been working really well together, and I hope you've all been enjoying it. I haven't really been tagging you guys when your turn comes up (I have you all on twitter, so if you want me to buzz you, I can! Just let me know) and I may be a little lax with the timings--four days instead of three days, maybe, sometimes. I don't want to skip anyone who's writing a little slower--as long as you are still writing! If you want me to tighten up, just tell me. :) Otherwise, does LJ's tagging system work for you all? I think it seems to be because you're all pretty great and we haven't slowed at all, but what do you think?

To double up on reminders, when you post for the first time (which will be next after wolfodder), amlika, your "love ranger: amlika" tag most likely won't work, so just poke mousapelli or bluedreaming kindly and they'll fix it up for you; it'll work every time after. If you need to skip, you can post a skip message to the comm and tag me, and I'll see it, or you can message me if you can't get online to post it. (And you can tweet me about anything! ^^ I'm always around.)

Our new differently alphabetical order:

wolfodder's up next, so we haven't quite finished our rotation yet--but that means Amlika can join us right now!

Have fun, and happy writing~!


[Team Five] Heart Like Stone

So this was inspired because of a few things. Firstly there's this and then there was a conversation with bluedreaming (whispers: thank you) that went something like "what if this was a 300k slow burn romance cross continental journey or even interstellar" and of course my brain went to 'COPILOTS' so here we are now. For reference, Copilots is the massive sci-fi au that isn't Jiguk but the world is too cool to not play with excessively.

no it's not done it's never done why do i do this to myself

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You're up ceeri!

[team two] hello and welcome!

Hello team two!

This is a post first, to welcome fairyminseok to team two, and second, to say thank you to everyone so far for being such a great team that by and large manages itself! I think we've been doing really well as the current team two, thanks to everyone's efforts!

I also wanted to check in with everyone that the current tagging system (simply writing the LJ username of the person after you on your post) is working out. I actually didn't realize that other team leaders were sending messages every time someone posted and the next person was up, so I'm really sorry for falling short! I don't have twitter, but if people want me to contact them when it's their turn, I'd be happy to use LJ message or email. Please let me know in the comments here if you'd like a change in the way tagging is done!

To fairyminseok, welcome to team two! When you post for the first time, your "love ranger" tag most likely won't work, so please contact either mousapelli or bluedreaming and they'll fix that. If you need to skip, you can post to the comm about your skip and tag the next person, or contact me, and I'll be happy to post for you. And if you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask me! I'm here to assist in any way I can.

Our new line up is:

It's currently my turn, so we're about to start a new full cycle from the top!

Happy writing, everyone!