April 15th, 2016

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[mod post] new additions and line-up inserts!

Hello everyone! I'll apologize for the brevity of this message in advance because I'm poking at my iPhone at a coffee shop before work but I wanted to get this out without further delay, since we're doing line up inserts.

We're welcoming a happy total of 6 new shiritori-ers! Please welcome amlika, fairyminseok, amaxingbaek, chuyeol, daestruct, onyu and doctoggy welcome back! I'll get your user tags set up as soon as I get home, but please note that the first time you post, lj won't let you use your tag so just tag mousapelli or myself and we'll add it.

If you haven't yet, please do consult the shiritori guidelines, and if you have any questions, please tap your team captain or one of us.

Team captains cairistiona, faded_lace, mousapelli, bluedreaming, troubleseason, can I impose upon you to either post a new line up tagged order notice for your team or tap them yourself? Contact information for new members should be available on the latest sign up post (in the comments) and let one of us know if you have any difficulties.

[revised team lists]

Again, let us know if there are any difficulties and I'll update the sidebar when I can! Happy writing!

Update: tags added as well as a new fandom tag: fandom: GOT7

[Team Five] HELLO TEAM!!

Hello Team Five!

This isn't something you have to write for or get nervous about, I just wanted to post a general hello and welcome to our team and our new members! We just got two new people to our line up, daestruct and onyu, who I am delighted to welcome aboard! Just to let you guys know, same formula as we have been operating on. When it's your turn, I'll contact you via twitter or LJ message or email to give you a gentle reminder. If you miss your turn, you'll also be hearing from me to just check in and see what's up. If you need to skip, please just either post your skip or let me know and I'll post it for you and tag the next person. Real life happens, and skips are there to be utilized when we need them :)

To daestruct and onyu, we have yet to get your 'love ranger' tags into the system. When you post your first entry, please tag either bluedreaming or mousapelli to make sure you can post and they can add you into the system. If you have any questions about how tagging works, what you can or can't post, or want to double check something, please let me know and I'll do my best to help ^^

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to come and poke me! I'm here to help and make sure things go smoothly and we're all on board this glorious vessel!

So, the current line up is:

You should be tagged (hopefully) by the previous writer when they post. I will also be contacting you :) If you are worried about missing your turn or that you might be overdue, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can find me through LJ messaging or on twitter @coffeecato :) If you prefer to use email, I'd be happy to do that too and just PM me with the details and I'll take care of it.

Good luck, have fun, and happy writing!

-Captain Lonio