March 6th, 2016

jinguji genki

[Team 3] A Cute Angle

one second i was trying to talk Midori into writing Yasui and Jinguji together because they're both charai and i love it, and then somehow I ended up...writing it myself. And then it turned into fluff at the end? I have no idea what happened here and I blame the three separate doses of migraine medicine that I had to take today.

with bonus Hirano/Genki and established Jinguji/Genki because...because.

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[Team Four] If you could see you through my eyes.

Something quick and easy, because I'm with friends and can't really write. But I wrote something! (and it's not Toku this time!)

Title: If you could see you through my eyes.
Pair: Tamamiya
Rating: PG
Summary: To Miyata, Tamamori will always be a little special, and that is what he loves most.

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