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19 January 2016 @ 07:14 am
hello!! this is my first time in shiritori, nice to meet you all~

this is part of a cannibal!au that i've been sitting on, though this part is really just dumb fluff pwp... there was supposed to be plot orz

luhan/sehun, 1250w, nc-17Collapse )

next up is laughingvirus! if you need to be notified elsewhere let me know~
19 January 2016 @ 03:28 pm
So after a hectic few days, I finally managed to get something out. Please enjoy.

jongin/yifan kinda || pg13 || 470wCollapse )

You're up yomimashou
19 January 2016 @ 10:58 pm
Wouldn't it be funny if HSJ ran a supermarket called Super Deli?

Starting words from like paradise

hsj, 735 words, gCollapse )