January 15th, 2016


[Team 1] Skip

So Team 1 hasn't had a post yet and it's been 5 days, so I'm force skipping to the 2nd person on the team. (Sorry, dusk037, let me know if something's going on with your team or you already worked this out and just didn't post or something).

So it's nachtegael for for Team 1. Since there's no starting post, you are welcome to start with anything you like.

Edit: faded_lace posted after all! So damagea is still up, but your starting words are here.

Also, for everybody: LJ notifications are definitely not working very well, so if at all possible could you poke the next person in line or your team leader when you've posted? It makes things run much more smoothly when you're sure the next person knows it's their turn.

[Team Four] The things you learn.

At last, I return to Shiritori-land! I didn’t know it was my turn until like an hour and a half ago, so I’m sorry this is so late. I just threw something together, but I think it turned out cute. I’ve been super into watching the Super Sentai versions of the Power Ranger shows that I watched when I was younger. I totally like Magiranger more than Mystic Force….the story line makes so much more sense in Japanese xD

Title: The things you learn.

Fandom: Super Sentai Magiranger

Rating: PG

Pair: Kai/Houka sibling love.

Summary: Based right after the episode where Kai and Houka change places. The two sibling reflect on what they learned that day.

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