January 1st, 2016

sho wants whoever

[Mod post] Shiritori Reshuffle!

Hey there, Shiritori-ers! With our fearless mod jojibear stepping down, bluedreaming and I have offered our services as your new co-mods/maintainers. Although we don't have official LJ status yet, so this is like...half a mod post fixed! We are good to go. In the meantime, if you have questions or anything, you can LJ message us. I'm also easily reachable as mousapelli on twitter or gchat/gmail. Ansa has first comment down below with how you can reach her.

Anyway, we are due a re-shuffle, so comment here if you would like to play this round. You should almost mention if you are interested in playing on the sonic team, if you don't want difficult and/or porn words, or anything else you think is relevant to us putting you on a successful team. Also if you have been a team leader and would like to continue, let us know! Or if a new person wants to try, that's fine too!

Anybody is welcome to play, so feel free to send friends here or tweet the link. We love new people, and it doesn't really matter what fandom(s) you write in, honestly. But I don't have to tell you guys that ♥

I think nearly all the current teams are in a good spot to restart anyway?
Team 1: ...hasn't posted in quite a while. Right?
Team 2: team leader faded_lace just went (does anybody on your team really want to go or are we good to restart?)
Team 3: We're on our last player
Team 4: it's team leader bluedreaming's turn anyway

I'm going to give the sign-up post about a week, until Saturday 1/9, so if anybody really wants to take a turn in that time, go for it. Or you can always hop on Sonic. Any other comments, problems, or questions, let us know here!