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[team two] bedtime stories

Um. Hi. :3?
It's been a while /_____\
Tagging faded_lace first and foremost; will do edits when I get on a PC.

*Edited to add: Inspired by Tama's J-web from a few days ago (help with the date would be much appreciated Mousi-senpai says the J-web entry was dated 12/16/2013 ♥). It has brought me to one conclusion: ALL THE MIYATAMA GAY IS CANON.

"That is the grossest thing you've ever done tonight, and that's already saying something," Tamamori griped as Miyata settled under the covers next to him. Miyata's hands are raised in surrender, lips sealed, before he held Tamamori close.

Kitayama's already sound asleep by the time Miyata has left the warmth of his own bed, slipping out from underneath the covers. He padded over to where Tamamori is bundled up in layers and layers of blankets, lifted a corner and laid himself beside the younger man.

"Ne, Tama," Miyata started; the look in his eyes is thoughtful, devoid of the playfulness that usually painted them. "It's our last concert, so maybe we should sleep together tonight."

The room was thankfully dark enough that the way Tamamori's cheeks reddened wasn't as obvious. "Ugh, I already warned you! Don't say such gross things!" The next thing he did was shove Miyata away, hard enough to send the other man stumbling down the floor with a yelp.

On the other side of the room, Kitayama's eye cracked open just in time to see a squiggly bundled-up lump on Tamamori's bed; he knows Tamamori is a quiet sleeper, in that he hardly ever changes position throughout the night. The empty bed on the other side was indicative of Miyata making the lump on Tamamori's bed bigger than usual, and Kitayama quickly turned away, grumbling as he tightly shut his eyes.

Tags: *team two, fandom: kis-my-ft2, love ranger: dusk037, warning: wtfery ahead
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