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03 September 2018 @ 09:12 pm
[Let’s begin]

Note: If you’re a new person who has stumbled across this post/community, please see the latest reshuffle/sign up post to sign up!

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The following information is the same from the previous line up post, mentioned here again for reference purposes.

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Happy writing to all!

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14 November 2018 @ 10:57 am
Skipping for orangegreenlove and myself.

elindar, you're up! Your starting word/s is/are from HERE.
13 November 2018 @ 07:40 am
Sorry to skip again. You’re up next, iwantchocopie

Your words are here: https://writetomyheart.livejournal.com/858603.html
10 November 2018 @ 06:25 pm
I'm still trying to write some angstshipping, except I'll apparently never get to the part with Ryou. Sigh. I mean, theoretically I will get to a point in this story where Malik is not constantly angsty.

YGO, g-rated, about 300 words ishCollapse )

Your turn now sanadas_sanity
09 November 2018 @ 09:28 pm
tsukishima being an unrepentant jerk is still my favorite thing.

haikyuu, kageyama/hinata, pg, 440 wordsCollapse )

Your turn, miyeokguk.
07 November 2018 @ 08:47 pm
Summary: And as Kihyun all but takes his hand and places it on top of his head, his eyes slipping shut and a purr starting up in his chest, Hoseok can only smile and thank his lucky stars for being allowed to have Kihyun in his life.
Author’s Note: This came about because Kihyun wore a choker that my brain saw as a collar with a little bell on it...everything went downhill from there lol. Special thanks to J for indulging me and helping this story come to be ^-^

Hoseok/Kihyun, PG, 1923wCollapse )

You're up next, springmaid :D
07 November 2018 @ 09:21 pm
According to LJ I’m a day late but according to my email notification I’m on time, so let’s go with that. ^^ Continued from part iii.

Harry/Draco; PG; 322 wordsCollapse )

alchemicink, you’re up!
05 November 2018 @ 10:15 pm
Weeks ago Mousi pretty much gave me my marching orders to write a KiriBaku Disneyland date. This is the beginning of said date. I'll most likely continue this at some point in the near future for obvious reasons. :D

Kirishima/Bakugou, PG, 382 wordsCollapse )

You're up, marksykins!
04 November 2018 @ 11:07 pm

A bit late, but here's a little part of a possible Cinderella-type AU ^^

haken, ~500 wordsCollapse )

Up next is you, amaxingbaek!

03 November 2018 @ 09:34 pm
Sorry! bluedreaming, you're up!
01 November 2018 @ 03:38 pm
As work is currently claiming all my time, I am belatedly skipping myself ;; Which means that wolfodder, you're up and your words are here.
31 October 2018 @ 02:20 am
unexpected 2k of Kirishima/Bakugou when i should have been sleeping, what else is new.

This is pretty canon compliant and set in third year, but it does feature Bakugou's overbearing grandmother, so you can see it as part of ABO-verse if you want to.

Kirishima/Bakugou, PG-13, ~2kCollapse )

next up is beltenebra~
31 October 2018 @ 12:34 am
Happy Halloween.
Maybe it's because of Halloween that I decided to write a bad horror fic.

Inspired by the fact that Kento said at the Snow Man con he went to watch that he was holding Sakuma's heart in his bare hand.

Snow Man, Nakajima Kento, Gen - maybe pairings if you squint, Bad End, R for some horror and death but nothing really graphic, 2314 wordsCollapse )

You're up talisa_ahn!
Sorry for taking my turn so fast but I will be ridiculously busy this week after today ^^;
30 October 2018 @ 08:01 am
Have you been having trouble posting with LJ now or recently? It would be good to hear if that’s the case. If you can’t comment, tweet @writetomyheart or email shiritori@fea.st