[Team One] Years After

Yeah idk but I stumbled over BBJ stuff again and re-read some of my old fics and I thought I would revisit this pairing. Some of this was inspired by High&Low, which is kind of lik BBJ for adults XD really, if you think about it, it makes sense.

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You're up alchemicink
dratini trainer

[Team 1] Playing Hoard to Get

Uhhh i wrote 4.5k of dragon Riku kidnapping prince(ss) Sora for his hoard instead of any of the six things I should be doing for three straight days. Grad school???? no only dragons here.

Link to Ao3 here since it's so long, including some ADORABLE sketch art by Faux!

Last sentence is "It'll be an adventure!"

Next up is kira_shadow!

[Team One] Body like a Greek God

Title: Body like a Greek God
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Nakajima/Kikuchi
Rating: Hard R? Maybe NC-17?
Summary: During their AnAn shoot, Kento is extremely distracted by Fuma's new physique.
A/N: I actually planned on writing out the full NC-17 but I'm already late so I just let it go. (Totally will finish it someday though)

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Your turn Senpai mousapelli