[team three] 初日

didn’t wanna skip twice in a row, so here (although late bc RL is NOT FUN at the moment).

Hagiya’s new stageplay (based on this) started in Kobe a couple of days ago, and reports say Yasui went all the way to watch on the first day, then had to take the last bullet train back to Tokyo. Please continue to be adorable, guys. Ü

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faded_lace is up next.

[Mod Post] Contact Info

Hey guys - so I'm willing to bet some of you lost a twitter just like me thanks to SixTONES bullshit promo company reporting all to twitter.

if anybody was mainly a twitter contact and needs to share their new one with us mods or their team captains and teammates, please comment below! Ansa and I can try to hook up whoever lost their connections.

I'm now remousapelli on twitter if you want to re-add me there. Here's hoping I'll get my real account back soon but if not, it'll be this.

[Team Four] Caught in Time

Sorry, I'm a little bit late! I started writing a short-ish fic because I watched '13 going on 30' and I wanted to make a Bkyl version of that because I LOVE TIME SLIPS, I'm so weak for them. But then the fic got longer than I had planned and it's still not finished asdfgh. Here's some beginning, at least. XD Jfyi: Baekhyun and Chanyeol are 15 at first, later 30!

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Your turn, luciferxdamien! :)