SRTR101: A Guide to Shiritori-ing

Updated rules and guidelines post! With this update, we're hopefully now up-to-date with all our different platforms and all the interim changes.

Rules and Guidelines Document

The rules and guidelines are hosted on Craft, and should be mobile-friendly. I've opted to use this platform since this way it can be linked to from the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities, as well as the Discord server.

[mod post] quick update

Hello everyone! I'm sorry about the delay with the new posting order. I'm very almost ready but this week has been so busy TT so I'm not going to be able to finish the post tonight. If anyone wants to get started though, we are now three teams, with Team 1 captained by Mousi (mousapelli), Team 2 (the slow team) captained by me (bluedreaming), and Team 3 captained by Yrin (yrindor). So sorry about the delay!

Extra update: Discord has been re-organized. I've been having trouble running an import to Dreamwidth and asked support, who mentioned that likely "someone has triggered the rate limit for Dreamwidth connecting to LiveJournal's servers, which happens periodically. It should reset after a few more days." So that's good to know!