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[Team Two] Hold onto me now

Title: Hold onto me now
Pairing: Taiga/Juri
Rating: R
Summary: pure smut pretty much, Taiga giving Juri a blowjob.

The slightest brush of Juri’s fingers through his hair reminded him just how short he had cut it. Taiga mused as Juri tried to find a way to grab his hair, but failed. Deciding that he couldn’t bother with that, Taiga went back to work. Juri threw his head back as Taiga relaxed his throat and swallowed Juri whole. His tongue licked the underside vein as he slowly pulled back, getting tighter suction as he went. Juri’s hips bucked up out of the chair he was sitting in, trying to keep Taiga’s mouth where he wanted it. Taiga used his own hands to force Juri back down, finally reaching the head and circling it with his tongue. Juri whined, sensitive and craving release.

Taiga pulled back and looked at Juri through long eyelashes. Juri squirmed, Taiga’s new haircut made him look more masculine, but at the moment, with heat in his eyes, Juri thought Taiga never looked more attractive. The look only lasted for a moment, Taiga catching his breath and then descending on Juri again. With just enough suction on the tip, Taiga used his right hand to pump away at Juri, pulling and twisting just the way he knew Juri liked it. Finally pulling his hand away Taiga began to bob his head, making wet noises as he went, it wasn’t long before Juri grabbed at Taiga’s hair again. He groaned loudly, “I’m close, god fucking dammit I can’t grab on anymore,” he was breathless and tensing up. Each muscle shaking with effort as his release came to him. Taiga took Juri deeper knowing what was coming next. Juri’s orgasm hit him, his body bucking up until he could feel himself bottom out in Taiga’s throat.

Once done, Taiga pulled away, coughing slightly. Juri looked at him sheepishly, he hadn’t meant to do that. Taiga gave him a playful glare before grinning, pleased with himself. “Well, I like this haircut, but maybe someday you’ll have something to grab onto.”

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Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: aleena_mokoia
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