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[Team Seven] Untitled

Finally wrote something :') hopefully i finish it at some point.....

“The address is on the back of the shopping list.”

“Umm… you mean… the shopping list that I threw away a couple days ago and has been taken by the recycling people?”

Seokmin hears a quiet, staticky sigh through the phone, and he grins sheepishly. “I guess that means we can’t go out tonight, right?”

Jeonghan laughs at that. “Did you throw the address away on purpose?”

Seokmin pouts. “I wouldn’t do that….”

“Mhmm, okay well. I guess you’re right. I’ll just call Junhui and let them know we won’t be attending Jihoon’s birthday party. It’s not like that’ll get either of us murdered or anything,” Jeonghan says nonchalantly.

Seokmin sighs. “Fine, get your ass home so we can get this over with. I’m tired,” he whines, trying to take the edge off his exhaustion-fueled bluntness.

Jeonghan promises he’ll be home soon, and half an hour later, he steps through the door. When he sees Seokmin on the couch, he immediately plops down and pulls Seokmin into a hug.

“Hi hyung,” Seokmin mumbles, closing his eyes and nuzzling Jeonghan’s neck. He’s suddenly so warm, and the way Jeonghan’s fingers stroke through his hair makes him sleepy. It’s only been a few hours, but he’s missed this so much.

next up is beltenebra :)
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