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[Mod Post] Contact Info Post

Hey guys! Lately I've been having to contact people from various teams for one reason or another, and since we're up to 7 teams and Ansa's busy and stuff, honestly I don't know a lot of you, or what the best way to contact you, or that you have a completely different LJ vs Twitter handle or whatever. It's a little stressful! And it's been a long time since we had an information post.

Could you guys help me out? Could you please comment here with what the best/fastest way to contact you is, and then list a secondary way? And also if you need poked directly when it is your turn. For example:

best contact: mousapelli on twitter
2nd best: email mousapelli at gmail
I don't need poked, I check LJ every day.

I'm sure this will help out your team leaders too, because several of them have mentioned that they messaged a teammate and never heard back, so that must not be the best way to get an answer.

Honestly, guys, it would be super duper nice if teammates routinely told the next person directly that it's their turn, because I am only one Mousi! Lately I feel like I'm the shiritori police bugging everybody all the time, and it makes me feel kind of like a jerk. Things just run a lot smoother when you guys are bugging each other instead.

If for some reason you feel uncomfortable leaving your information in a comment here, you can email it to me directly (mousapelli at gmail) or else DM me on twitter; I'm going to make a spreadsheet to share with just team leaders so they also have updated stuff about how to get in contact with you.

Thanks! Out of the seven teams usually only one is stuck at any given time, so actually we're doing pretty well, lol.
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