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[team one] so bright

For the first time in forever i'm actually writing and not skipping!!11 This is just some small nonsense to get me back into writing. I've missed it ;v;
Title from the Smashing Pumpkins' Tonight, Tonight.

Yoongi smiles almost the entire way from the fifth-year boy’s dormitory, through the Slytherin common room, and up to the library. As it’s still Christmas break and most of the students still are at home with their parents, a select few people actually see him walk through the castle grinning like an idiot, which is exactly how Yoongi wants it. He has a reputation to uphold after all. Yoongi makes his way through the mostly empty castle, pauses to peek into the Great Hall to see if there are any familiar faces, before he heads towards the library where he assumes the reason for his smile; his boyfriend Seokjin, is.

They’ve communicated through owl post during the 10 day break that Yoongi spent at home with his parents, brother, sister-in-law and his fresh, two-month-old nephew. Seokjin also spent most of the holidays with his family, but had returned to Hogwarts shortly after New Year’s Eve while Yoongi hadn’t returned before now, January 8th.

Yoongi enters the library quietly, not surprised to see that there’s a 7th year from Ravenclaw – Kim Junmyeon – if Yoongi remembers right, in place of their usual librarian, Madame Seo. Junmyeon greets him with a short bow of his head which Yoongi mimics before finding his way through the tall shelves, filled with books. Seokjin’s favorite reading spot is in the corner of one of the long tables located against one of the shelves in the Magical Creatures section of the library, by one of the large windows. It’s far enough inside the library that it’s not where random students would wander unless they’re specifically looking for him, or a book in the Magical Creatures section. Yoongi doesn’t know for sure – Seokjin might be in the Hufflepuff common room, in an empty classroom, anywhere, but Yoongi’s got a feeling he’s here in the library.

He’s right.

Hunched over a thick, dusty, old book is Seokjin; Seokjin who is in his uniform despite it being a holiday. The long, black robe is thrown over the back of his chair, but he’s wearing the gray sweater vest, lined in Hufflepuff’s house color, yellow, is fitted over a white button-up, as well as the standard black slacks and shoes. Next to the parchment Seokjin is currently writing on, there’s a small tower of books looking as old and dusty as the one he’s reading from. On the wooden table, there are also an inkwell, an extra feather pen and a bottle of water.

“You know school’s still out, right hyung?” Yoongi says, his voice sounding breathier than intended. Seokjin jumps in his seat, his mind probably somewhere else. When he looks up at Yoongi, there’s a wide smile on his face, eyes shining. Yoongi is glad he’s resting against the edge of the table because Seokjin’s smile threatens to knock him out.

“Yeah, I just – nothing wrong with getting a head start on the reading for next term,” Seokjin says sheepishly, letting the feather pen balance on top of the inkwell, fisting his hand gently in the front of Yoongi’s sweater, pulling him down for a gentle, brief kiss.

“Hi,” Seokjin says softly, Yoongi still bent over as Seokjin’s still holding onto his shirt. Without thinking twice, Yoongi leans back in, finding that the short peck wasn’t enough to satisfy him. They’ve been apart for almost ten days and while Yoongi would never, ever admit it to anyone, he has been counting down the days until he’d get to see Seokjin again. Heck, that’s why he’s here, three days before the beginning of their spring term; to meet Seokjin.
Yoongi is so screwed and while he’s super aware of it, he doesn’t mind. At all.

Seokjin smiles against Yoongi’s lips, and Yoongi absorbs it – absorbs every soft sigh, every flutter of Seokjin’s eyelashes against his cheeks, the taste of pumpkin juice on Seokjin’s tongue. He has missed him, has missed them, and hopes that Seokjin has missed him too.

Trembling, heart racing in his chest, Yoongi’s fingers scramble up Seokjin’s chest until they fasten in something – his tie, clutches and drags Seokjin up from the creaky old chair, at which Seokjin makes a surprised, airy sound. Briefly they part so Seokjin can stand up, and then, then Yoongi doesn’t have to bend down to kiss Seokjin anymore. Instead, it’s Seokjin who has to bend down, with him being taller than Yoongi. Both of them are still growing, but Yoongi knows, secretly hopes, that he’ll never catch up to Seokjin – loves the height difference between them now. Loves how he has to strain up on his toes to kiss Seokjin.

“Hi,” Yoongi whispers back, hands still clutching Seokjin’s black and yellow tie between his trembling fingers. Seokjin’s eyes crinkle at the edges – he smiles. Crooked fingers come up to brush Yoongi’s bangs away from his face, nails gently scraping over his scalp as Seokjin’s hand follows the shape of Yoongi’s skull until they’re familiarly curled at the base of it. Yoongi shudders at the softness of Seokjin’s eyes, the curl of his lips. He wants.

So Yoongi tilts his head up, in what he knows is a cute manner – Seokjin loves cute. He flushes, tips of his ears turning red in an instant when Seokjin laughs. And true to Yoongi’s memory, Seokjin’s soft whisper of: cute reaches Yoongi’s ears just seconds before Seokjin kisses him again. Yoongi is quick to part his lips, wanting to taste, feel Seokjin. His knuckles turn white from how hard he’s gripping Seokjin’s sweater vest and tie; he clutches the fabric so hard it’s almost painful. Blood rushes in Yoongi’s ears as Seokjin pulls back to breathe – Yoongi feels the soft puffs of air against his spit-slick lips. Seokjin doesn’t get to breathe for long; Yoongi reels him back in, demanding kisses, touches. Seokjin laughs against his lips.

And they’re usually not like this; they’re more reserved with their PDA, not because they’re ashamed or embarrassed but because this is theirs. It’s something reserved for Seokjin and Yoongi only and both of them prefer it that way. Occasionally there are days like these, when they have been parted for some time or one of them or both of them has had a schedule filled with quidditch practices, O.W.L.s and N.E.W.Ts prep and there’s simply not enough hours in a day for them to meet.

Yoongi doesn’t mind this. Doesn’t mind how Seokjin is kissing the air out of Yoongi’s lungs, doesn’t mind how Yoongi brands Seokjin’s lips with his name, doesn’t mind that Seokjin’s hands are messing up his hair. Nothing else matters right now than Seokjin. The library is almost empty, the castle itself is as good as empty. In this moment, the only ones who exist are the two of them, and that’s quite okay.

time is never time at all, oneforyourfire, you're up! <3
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