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[Team Sonic] Freak

Starting word from here XD

Warning for consensual face slapping.

“Answer me,” Juri drawled, snapping his hips. “Do you like the taste of my cock?”

Jesse gave a muffled moan, as much answer as he could manage with Juri’s cock halfway down his throat. Every thrust of Juri’s hips turned him on more - the thick cock in his mouth, the slight ache in his jaw, the helplessness and most importantly the way Juri looked at him all drove him crazy with need. Jesse wanted to touch himself, but his hands were tied behind his back. He desperately wanted to struggle against his bonds, but he knew he couldn’t - the ribbon was only loosely wrapped around his wrists and secured with a simple knot. If he pulled on it too much, it would come loose and ruin the illusion.

Jesse’s desire must have been visible on his face, or maybe Juri simply knew him and his kinks too well. “Suck my cock real well and I’ll use handcuffs next time,” Juri promised, thrusting roughly down Jesse’s throat. “Strong handcuffs that you can’t break, no matter how hard you yank on them. I’ll fuck your throat while you struggle, until your throat is sore and your voice all raspy and raw. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

All Jesse could do was moan, moan and take it. His jeans were painfully tight, his cock so hard he couldn’t think about anything else anymore, but he knew Juri wasn’t going to let him come anytime soon. There would be no relief for him until Juri decided he’d been good enough. Juri yanked his hair hard, the sting of it drawing a wanton moan from Jesse.

Juri pulled back, his cock slipping out of Jesse’s mouth. Jesse’s lips were pink and swollen, looking even more fuckable than usual. Jesse’s tongue darted out, licking over his full lower lip and Juri groaned at the sight. “Fuck, you’re such a whore, Jesse.”

“Whores get paid,” Jesse replied, his voice husky from arousal and from the rough fucking his throat had received. “But you’re just a junior and don’t have any money, so you can’t afford to hire one.”

Juri laughed “You’re mouthy today. You want to get punished that badly?”

“There’s no filming for the next three days. It would be a shame to let that opportunity go by unused,” Jesse said with a shrug, excitement building inside him. Juri didn’t always slap him, not even if he asked or begged for it, but when Juri offered like this, he always followed through.

“Mh.” Juri yanked on Jesse’s hair. “How many do you want today, two?”

“More.” Jesse knew his voice was trembling, but there was nothing he could do about that. He wanted it too much to hide it.

Juri trailed the tips of his fingers lightly over Jesse’s left cheek, the gentle touch no more than a tease for Jesse. “Four? Six? Eight?” Jesse opened his mouth to reply, but Juri placed his index finger on Jesse’s lips to stop him. “Think carefully. Four, I’ll get you off. Six, you’ll be allowed to get yourself off while I watch. Eight, and you won’t be allowed to get off at all today.”

Breathing in deep, Jesse tried to think through his arousal. He wanted eight, wanted to feel Juri’s palm connect with his cheek eight times. At that moment, he wanted it more than anything else in his life, but his cock was painfully hard and Jesse knew he’d regret it if he promised to go without orgasm, no matter how tempting.

“Six,” Jesse decided, his face flushed pink with excitement. “Please slap me six times.”

Juri flexed his fingers. “You’re such a kinky freak, you know that, Jesse?”

“You like me this way,” Jesse replied, not at all embarrassed. “You like to slap me around and make me beg for it. Look how hard you are. Who’s the kinky freak now?”

Juri raised his right hand and Jesse held still, anticipation burning inside him. Juri’s palm connected with Jesse’s face with a satisfying smack. The sting of it went right to Jesse’s cock, making him moan out loud. Before Jesse could beg for more, Juri’s left hand smacked onto his right cheek, giving Jesse a bruise to match the one already forming on his left cheek.

“Harder,” Jesse begged. “I want to really feel it.” His cheeks were already stinging and that was nice, but it wasn’t nearly enough for him.

Without another word, Juri slapped Jesse again, this time hard enough to whip Jesse’s head around. The next slap knocked Jesse over, sending him sprawling on the floor. Even knocked over, Jesse kept his hands behind his back, still pretending that he was tied up, still pretending that the soft ribbon around his wrists could hold him.

“Enough?” Juri asked, shaking his stinging fingers.

Jesse shook his head, the red marks of Juri’s fingers clearly visible on his cheeks. “You promised two more,” he reminded Juri. “Come on, drag me up by my hair.”

“You’d think that kink would make you less bossy,” Juri commented as he dug his fingers into Jesse’s hair and yanked him up, onto his knees.

“I just like to get spoiled.” Jesse stuck his tongue out at Juri. Kneeling in front of Juri, with his hands behind his back and his cheeks red, Jesse waited impatiently for the next slap.

Juri kept a hold of Jesse’s hair to keep him upright, then raised his hand. He gave Jesse’s cheek a ringing slap, then quickly backhanded him across the face.

“Fuck,” Jesse groaned, almost shaking from want. “Do that again.”

“Six slaps, that’s all we agreed on,” Juri replied with a shake of his head. “Now open your mouth.”

Obedient for once, Jesse opened his lips and licked at the head of Juri’s cock. He dipped his tongue into the slit, tasting Juri’s precome, but made no move to take Juri’s dick into his mouth, so Juri immobilized Jesse’s head with a firm grip on his hair and pushed his cock right past Jesse’s pretty lips. Juri thrust his hips, shoving deeper into Jesse’s mouth until his cock bumped against the back of Jesse’s throat.

“Touch yourself,” Juri ordered, shoving his cock down Jesse’s throat. “Get yourself off while I fuck your throat, but be quick about it. When I come, it’s over. If you can’t come before that, you’re not getting off until tomorrow.”

Moaning around Juri’s thick cock, Jesse quickly freed himself from the ribbon tying his wrists together. Now that he had permission to touch himself, he couldn’t hold back even one more second. He unzipped his jeans and wrapped his fingers around his cock. His cock was bigger than Juri’s, but not by much - for a japanese guy, Juri had quite a big cock, big enough that Jesse’s jaw ached after a few minutes of facefucking.

Juri fucked Jesse’s mouth quite roughly, thrusting hard and fast without holding back, exactly the way Jesse liked it. The rougher Jesse was treated during sex, the more he enjoyed it, and the burning in his slapped cheeks really drove him mad. It was only a matter of minutes before Jesse came all over his fingers, moaning around Juri’s cock.

Juri gave an answering moan, pushed over the edge by the vibrations of Jesse’s moan against his cock. He pulled back so that his release filled Jesse’s mouth in great spurts instead of pumping down his throat and when the last burst of come had hit Jesse’s tongue, Juri finally drew back. “Swallow,” he ordered and Jesse obeyed, too satisfied to be bratty.

Panting for breath, Jesse leaned against the wall, too spent to even zip his jeans back up. Juri went down on one knee and leaned in to take a closer look at Jesse’s cheeks. “You’ll need make-up to hide that,” he said, brushing his fingers lightly over the reddened skin. “Even with make-up, it’ll be pretty obvious you’re hiding something.”

Leaning into the touch, Jesse grinned at Juri. “I don’t mind. For all I care, everyone can know I’m a kinky freak.”
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