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05 December 2016 @ 01:22 am
We didn't forget about you! bluedreaming has a broken phone, but I got the all-clear from her over email, so I'm going to go ahead and start the new round. A fond farewell to anyone leaving us, and a big hello to some new people as well! We are currently at 41 shiritoriers, which seems kind of amazing to me.

two small changes this round: Teams 4 and 5 are now both slow teams, and also we've had to add a Team 7, which I'll be captaining along with 3 since we are officially out of captains, lol. Ideally after a while I can put someone else in charge! But Kira has graciously offered to start Team 7 this time so I don't have to start two at once.

Team Captains cairistiona, faded_lace, bluedreaming, onyu, and jojibear you are welcome to start your groups off with the words of your choosing, and either orangegreenlove or anyone else doing Sonic is welcome to start up that as well.

new lineups!Collapse )

If you are brand new, your author tag won't work the first time, so tag me instead (love ranger: mousapelli) and I will fix it manually. After the first fix, it seems to work fine afterwards. Don't forget to tag your post with which team, your username, and what fandom, and to lj-tag the next user on your team in the text of your post. I'll be fixing the sidebar to reflect the new lineups shortly if you aren't sure who comes after you. Also please let your team leader know how they should poke you so you know it's your turn!

In case anybody needs a refresher, here are the Shiritori Guidelines, and the Sonic rules specifically.

I think that's it! Questions, comments, or problems are welcome to comment here or contact me directly (mousapelli on twitter, gmail, etc). Newcomers are also welcome to introduce themselves here or put down contact info if you don't know your team leader/mates already. Happy writing to all!
10 December 2016 @ 01:23 pm
I don't know where this came from but it hit me in the face with inspiration. It's not much but I hope you enjoy!

458 words | pg13 | Baekhyun/SehunCollapse )

Next is laughingvirus! Good luck.
10 December 2016 @ 02:46 pm
hello ^^ i'm Cata
although i've been in sonic team for a while, this feels like my shiritori debut lol

Victor/Yuri, PG, 610 wordsCollapse )

softboys your turn :)
(let me know if you'd like me to poke you on twitter too, or somewhere else)
10 December 2016 @ 02:40 pm
springmaid isn't able to take her turn this time, so junxouji - it's your turn~!
09 December 2016 @ 08:09 pm
Just a little snippet of a yamakeito fic I'm writing for a friend

Yamada and Keito, g, less than 400 words probablyCollapse )

You're up talisa_ahn
09 December 2016 @ 08:58 pm
Hullo my lovely Team Oners! Sorry I'm just a super slow goose. I'm not on the ball this week, but hopefully I will be more so in future.

Those of you who have Twitter should have me on there. I am very happy to be poked and prodded, and to poke and prod others as necessary. Feel free to if you need to! :)

Our new lineup is as follows:


I hope you will all have fun! :D

i.o.i., pg, 421 wordsCollapse )

:) caterplina~
09 December 2016 @ 12:58 pm
I've been having a hard time thinking about anything besides Yuri on Ice but I'm not quite ready for that so have some winter-themed Donuts instead.

Doumeki/Watanuki, PG, 565 wordsCollapse )

Take it away, chuyeol!
09 December 2016 @ 04:01 pm
Hello team two! Sorry for the delay. Glad to see familiar faces back for this round! The order has changed up a bit, so here's our new lineup:


As always, I'm sorry but I don't have Twitter, so if you'd like me to poke you in a way that's not LJ message, please let me know! Otherwise, yoroshiku again for this time around!

This is set after the 2016.12.3 episode of Radirer, where Inoo did a corner where he read messages that fans wanted him to say to Hikaru for his birthday. He got adorably flustered about it. XD;

Hikaru x Inoo ; 900 words ; pgCollapse )

Passing the baton to aleena_mokoia!
08 December 2016 @ 08:43 pm
Hey, Teams 1 and 2, it's Thursday and I still haven't seen you guys. cairistiona and faded_lace, can you please check in with me here or on Twitter about starting off your team/if you need to skip/what's up? Thank you! (or if anybody on those teams can easily reach you, feel free to check in for them if you know what's up.)

Team 4 you aren't on the map either, but as a slow team bluedreaming still has one more day.

Everybody else, keep up the good work! I've fixed a couple first-time people's tagging issue, but if I missed you please let me know so I can fix you too!

eta: i keep having to edit this post because I typed the stupidest possible thing not once but three separate times Orz
08 December 2016 @ 02:31 pm
why do I always think magic/supernatural AUs when i think about alleys

svt Jeonghan/Minghao | PG | magic!AU | 762wCollapse )

Your turn, beltenebra :)
08 December 2016 @ 01:53 am
Hey there, team 3! Good to have you all back again! For the sake of completeness, here's our posting order this time around:


You guys are old pros, but if you have any problems, let me know!

So in Wink up Miyadate told a story about how Nabesho and Kame pranked him telling him they were at the onsen together when really they had just bumped into each other backstage after watching the same show, but then they told him to come meet them at the theater. Mean! I'm sure Date forgave them though XD

Miyadate/Watanabe, PG, ~300 wordsCollapse )

Next up is alchemicink!
07 December 2016 @ 08:01 pm
Starting on easy mode with Prince of Tennis. Unsurprisingly, this completely got away from me.

Momoshiro/Kaidoh, 1700 words, PGCollapse )

Over to you, serratedpearls!
08 December 2016 @ 11:00 am
Start words from here.

First shiritori ever *nervous excited* I was wondering why Date suddenly changed his jersey number and this came out :P

Miyadate/Watanabe, G, ~250 wordsCollapse )

And you're next, airplanewishes :)
07 December 2016 @ 09:17 pm
We meet again, Team Six~ (◕▽◕✿)

Just so everyone is notified that the team is now rolling, the new Team Six line-up is:

I know most of you, so we can skip the introductions for the most part, but I would appreciate a reminder of your preferred method of contact in case of an emergency, so please drop a comment below the post, thank you~

Other than that, on with the show!

Because I can, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

625 words of incomplete domestic N/Leo + baby!SanghyukCollapse )

Tag, you're it, Gem!
05 December 2016 @ 10:25 pm
dude this snowmen as pro hitmen thing is like only 75% my fault at absolute worst.

Start words from here.

warning for mentions of violence and torture, but nothing graphic written.

Miyadate/Watanabe, ~750 words, Rish for hitmen thingsCollapse )